[Wine] The good old winecfg audio tab

mikeracing77 at yahoo.com mikeracing77 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 00:50:49 CDT 2007

Ok, I know this is probably very redundant, but I'm getting the Audio
tab crash with winecfg.  The error output is:
wine: unhandled page fault on write access to *insert hex numbers here*
(thread 0009)
Modules: Cannot get info on modules while no process is loaded

After the last few hours spent surfing dozens of forums and threads,
none of the fixes have worked.
Renaming winearts.drv.so didn't work.
In WineWiki I found where it said to modify the registry at
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Drivers and add the string Audio = ""
or "ALSA" or "OSS"
My problem is that I dont' even have a Drivers under Wine.  Creating
this and adding the key's did nothing.  I have been using ventrilo
under wine for a while now with no problems at all.  It might still
work, but as I currently don't have internet access on that computer I
can't test that vent still works.  I really need to go into the audio
tab and set Emulation for my sound, but I can't because I can't get to
the audio tab.  I'm completely frustrated at this point.  I love linux,
and I love wine.  I've been running World of Warcraft for months now
without a hitch, ventrilo, and if I could get into the audio tab I'm
sure Diablo2 would run smooth also.

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