[Wine] Re: documentation for beginners ?`

richard noel fell fell at brandeis.edu
Mon Mar 19 00:52:14 CDT 2007

David -
Thanks for the instructions. I will try and see what happens. Also, I 
have downloaded the user's guide. I will battle through it again and 
look for other sources of information.

David Rowell wrote:
> In order to have Synaptic "automagically" update Ubuntu 6.06 LTS 
> version of Wine you will have to edit the file '/etc/apt/sources.list' 
> to include a different repository.  If I recall correctly this is how 
> its done - correct me if I'm wrong folks!
> First make a backup copy of the file - just in case.
> Then edit the file:  [sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list]
>   1 - put a # in the first character of any lines referencing wine to 
> "comment them out" [you may not have any]
>   2 - add the following 2 lines to the end of the file [copy & paste 
> works fine] and save it
>      deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt dapper main
>      deb-src http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt dapper main
> Start Synaptic and click Reload.  Then make a search for wine.  Select 
> and update wine & libwine.  I'd suggest also installing wine-dev & 
> libwine-dev which may well be needed by some programs.
> I also second Danile's suggestion of becoming friendly with the o/l 
> documentation.  My repository suggestion is in the site there somewhere.
> Dave Rowell
> richard noel fell wrote:
>> Daniel -
>> Following your suggestion, I removed the config file and started 
>> afresh and all seems to work as expected. I am using wine 0.9.9 and 
>> installed via synaptic.
>> More question to come,
>> Dick
>> Daniel Skorka wrote:
>>> richard noel fell <fell at brandeis.edu> wrote:
>>>> Is there any documentation that instructs a beginner how to 
>>>> configure (and the logic behind) wine and the steps necessary to 
>>>> install windows software? I have the user's guide but it does lack 
>>>> much, particularly what is going on.
>>> "User's guide" as in http://winehq.org/site/docs/wineusr-guide/index ?
>>>> I am using ubuntu 6.06 and have presumably installed wine 
>>>> correctly.     
>>> What wine version and how did you install it?
>>>> However, I cannot configure the system. A typical error message is, 
>>>> upon invoking winecfg, is:
>>>> Warning: the specified Windows directory L"c:\\windows" is not 
>>>> accessible.
>>>> Warning: the specified System directory L"c:\\windows\\system32" is 
>>>> not accessible.
>>> In a correct, fresh install of wine, this does not happen. Try
>>> 'rm -fr ~/.wine'
>>> If that doesn't help, there is something wrong with your wine
>>> installation.
>>> Daniel

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