[Wine] Re: Can Shockwave apps run w/o Codeweaver's Crossover product?

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:52:43 CDT 2007

Marc Shapiro wrote:
> My daughter likes to play games on noggin.com and nickjr.com.  The 
> problem is that some of them will play with Flash 9, which I have 
> installed, but many require Shockwave, which doesn't exist for Linux. 
> Is there any way to get a shockwave plugin to work with Firefox 2.0 and 
> a 2.6.x kernel.  My daughter would really appreciate it, and so would I!

Well, since I already had ie6 installed under Wine (using ies4linux), I 
took a shot at installing Shockwave. After setting the ie6 "security" 
level down, Shockwave installed and ran just fine. Unfortunately, it was 
rather slow, even on a moderately fast machine. Tested by coloring 
Connie the Cow's friends Wally and Patch. It does work, but I suspect 
the kids won't like it. And I suspect that means even a shockwave plugin 
running under Firefox would be too slow too.

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