[Wine] Re: Wine page fault with ARRL Antenna Book ABSETUP.EXE

David Rowell djrpublic at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 19 00:52:45 CDT 2007

Out of curiosity I just made a complete install

	wine /media/cdrom0/setup.exe

of the 20th edition CD under Wine 0.9.28 on Ubuntu 6.06LTS.  Install ran 
completely through with no visible glitches although there WERE a LOT of 
fixme's on the terminal window.  I have not tried to run all of the 
programs but from a quick look at the directory structure all appears to 
be OK.

BTW I don't see a "ABSETUP.EXE" anywhere on the CD - where was it found?

What version of Wine are you running?


Nate Bargmann wrote:
> I'm trying to install a program from a CD-ROM that is included with a
> publication called the ARRL Antenna Book, 19th Edition which claims
> compatibility with Windows up to 2000.  Running the setup program I get
> the following (I am executing it from the CD-ROM):
 > $ wine ABSETUP.EXE

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