[Wine] Re: font replacement not completely,howto?

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:53:35 CDT 2007

Pinkboy <pink.boy at gmail.com> wrote:
> i added the following in ~/.wine/user.reg
> [SoftwareWineFontsReplacements]

I'll assume that you included the backslashes, but your newsreader
stripped them out.

> "System"="AR PL New Sung"
> "Arial"="AR PL New Sung"
> "Fixedsys"="AR PL New Sung"
> "Microsoft Sans Serif"="AR PL New Sung"
> "MS UI Gothic"="AR PL New Sung"
> "Tahoma"="AR PL New Sung"
> "Terminal"="AR PL New Sung"
> "MingLiU"="AR PL New Sung"
> "PMingLiU"="AR PL New Sung"
> after that,i run winecfg, i see that the fonts in the window are AR PL
> New Sung,but when it popups a diaglogbox,the font in the diagbox is
> still tahoma(which cannot display my languadge),and the fonts of the
> toolbar and the main window of my Foobar is still tahoma.it troubles me
> a lot.who can tell me the way?

To quote [1]:
"Wingdings"="Winedings" would enumerate the Winedings font both as
Winedings and Wingdings. However if a real Wingdings font is present
the replacement does not take place.

> i wanted to change the font of every items of window,when i run
> winecfg,enter tab"Desktop Intergation",found the "item" is
> selectable,but no matter which option i select,the "font" button on the
> right are always unclickable.why?

My guess: It's not implemented yet.



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