[Wine] Re: ShellExecute

dfloss dfloss at imap.com
Mon Mar 19 00:54:18 CDT 2007

dank wrote:

> You can test ShellExecuteEx from the commandline using start, and it
> seems to work there;
> $ WINEDEBUG=+exec wine start hello.html
> trace:exec:ShellExecuteExA 0x33fe9c
> trace:exec:SHELL_execute mask=0x00000500 hwnd=(nil) verb=L"open"
> file=L"hello.html" parm=L"" dir=(null) show=0x00000001 class=not used
> ...
> Launches Firefox for me on hello.html fine with wine-0.9.29 and
> Ubuntu.
> Can you post the output of running your app with WINEDEBUG=+exec set?
> Also, what version of Wine and Linux is this, and what's your app?
> - Dan

I'm using Suse 10.0 and a fresh alpha of Wine.  It appears wine doesn't know
what application to send an html file to.

Here is the output when trying to launch an html file via wine:

wine dirhtml_help.html
wine: cannot determine executable type for L"Y

Here is the debug version:

WINEDEBUG=+exec wine start dirhtml_help.html
trace:exec:ShellExecuteExA 0x406cfe54
trace:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 mask=0x00000500 hwnd=(nil) verb=L"open"
file=L"dirhtml_help.html" parm=L"" dir=(null) show=0x00000001 class=not
fixme:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 flags ignored: 0x00000500
trace:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 execute:L"dirhtml_help.html",L"",L""
trace:exec:SHELL_ExecuteW Execute L"dirhtml_help.html" from directory L""
trace:exec:SHELL_ExecuteW returning 5
trace:exec:SHELL_FindExecutable L"dirhtml_help.html"
trace:exec:SHELL_FindExecutable SearchPathW returned non-zero
trace:exec:SHELL_FindExecutable xlpFile=L"Y
trace:exec:SHELL_FindExecutable File type: L""
trace:exec:SHELL_FindExecutable returning L""
trace:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 retval 31
Application could not be started, or no application associated with the
specified file.
ShellExecuteEx failed: Success

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