[Wine] Where does wine look for the native dlls

wiead001 at yahoo.com.au wiead001 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 19 00:54:32 CDT 2007

Hey guys,

  I have wine 0.9.22. In winecfg, under the Libraries tab, I have the
choice of setting whether libraries are taken from a native windows
installation or from those built into wine. The only thing is, I don't
know where it's trying to get native libraries. I have three
installations of Windows on my computer - 98, XP and 3.11 ;-).

I have searched through my wine config files, which on my computer
seems just to be in wine registry files.

I have searched the documentation and the Wine website and the web,
but no sign of finding out, or (more importantly) choosing *where Wine
will look for native dlls*.

Hope I can get an answer on this issue.


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