[Wine] Re: wine + AMD X2 + fifa07

Andrzej Gansiniec g_a_s_i_u at konto.pl
Mon Mar 19 00:55:36 CDT 2007

Jakub Krajewski napisał(a):
> Andrzej Gansiniec <esckml$1dj$1 at nemesis.news.tpi.pl> napisał:
>> the game works, but TOO FAST - where can I slow it down? ;-)
> Looks like dual-core problem. Games for Windows often works
> "too fast" when they have problem with more than one CPU. 
> Just for a test run it under Linux without SMP compiled
> into kernel.

small problem wth this test - kernel 2.4xxxx doesn't work (kernel panic) 
(!?), and 2.6xxx in Ubuntu is "generic" with SMP...

But I think that is dual-core problem with wine+fifa - the questin is: 
how to configure wine to play this game?


AMD X2 3800+
Kubuntu 6.10

(jeśli chcesz odpisać "na priv" to usuń podkreślenia z mojego adresu)

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