[Wine] Re: foxit reader

eljalill at yahoo.de eljalill at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 10 14:53:35 CST 2007


thanks for your help! But... it didn't work :( .

I had installed mfc42.dll ,

> You missed the key line:
> =>1 0x7e450651 convert_888_to_0888_asis+0xf1(width=0x18, height=0x18,
> srcbits=0x47fd9a0, srclinebytes=0x48, dstbits=0x7c092fa8,
> dstlinebytes=0xffffffa0) [/home/dank/wine-git/dlls/winex11.drv/
> dib_convert.c:852] in winex11 (0x0034fa40)

I am not quite sure, but I think what you refer to look like this with

=>1 0x7e4fc601 in winex11 (+0x1c601) (0x0033fa40)
  2 0x7e4f89ae in winex11 (+0x189ae) (0x0033fc00)
  3 0x7e4fa96a X11DRV_SetDIBits+0x1da() in winex11 (0x0033fcb0)
  4 0x7ecc7133 SetDIBits+0x93() in gdi32 (0x0033fcf0)
  5 0x7ecc73d2 CreateDIBitmap+0x1d2() in gdi32 (0x0033fd60)
  6 0x00619144 in foxit reader (+0x219144) (0x0073a670)
  7 0x00000000 (0x00000000)

... but I am pretty illiterate in reading these error messages I have
to admit.

Since it seems both to be about winex11 I tried what you said...
It took me a while as you can see :) .

However, version 0.9.12 didn't help (same error),
and the patch would not be compatible with the source codes I found (I
tried 0.9.32 and 0.9.19, since that was the oldest I found, and the
patch was made for 0.9.7) .

Any more ideas maybe (please)? Would the whole error message help?

Thanks again!

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