[Wine] Re: What files do I need from Windows?

John Voltz ninevoltz at metalink.net
Fri Mar 16 17:10:53 CDT 2007

Louise Hoffman wrote:
>> None, unless you have a good reason and know what you are doing.
>> But yes, XP would propably best.
> Are there someway to tell, if I need to use Windows DLL's?
> The game I am trying to get working is mahjongg Artifacts from
> http://www.emotionrays.com/mahjongg-artifacts-download.html
> but I get a "DirectX error, 0x80070057 line 14, file - '.\dinput.cpp'"
> error window up. Could that be a DLL problem?
> Lots of love,
> Louise
AFAIK, any errors relating to the DirectX libraries in Wine cannot be 
fixed by using native DLLs from a Windows installation. Look through the 
application's documentation to see if there are ways to configure it 
manually (i.e. .inf or .ini files) and turn off DirectInput features. 
You can check in the registry too.

Or save yourself the grief and run a Linux native mahjongg game like 
kmahjongg :o)

What version of Wine are you using? If it's not the latest, try 
downloading a newer release, your bug may have already been fixed.

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