[Wine] Re: installing on a different partition

Aggro spammerdream at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 00:49:49 CDT 2007

ats1080s at gmail.com wrote:
> im using suse linux 10.1 and apparently my / partition is only 20GB
> which at the moment is all full.  how do i install to /home which is
> 212GB?  i tried typing that in in the install program but it just sent
> it to the usual spot.  anyone have any ideas?  im using the latest
> version of wine

My / is about 10 GB and there is still plenty of room with wine 
installed. The wine itself doesn't take that much space.

So are you talking about how to install wine itself to a different location.

Or are you talking about how tell wine where to install the windows 
applications? By default I think it should install to your home 
directory, under the .wine directory, so that doesn't make much sense 

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