[Wine] Re: Cypress USB driver emulation

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:50:46 CDT 2007

elvez84 at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi, I'm attempting to port an application which uses the Cypress CyAPI,
> which is Windows only, though I don't know if wine can handle device

What does CyAPI do?

> drivers or such low-level stuff.

No, it can't.

> So I suppose the fuctions SetupDiGetClassDevsW and
> SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces, which are required by the API are not
> implemented. Am I right? Can I hope they'll be developed anytime soon?

Yes. Don't know if there will ever be an implementation.

> I heard about NdisWrapper, do you think I should give it a try?

Ndiswrapper is AFAIK intended for network drivers. Anyway, it is not
integrated with wine.


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