[Wine] Who asking users to install native DirectX?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Apr 27 16:49:21 CDT 2008

David Shaw wrote:
> vitamin wrote:
>> David Shaw wrote:
>>> Please do not assume that everyone knows and understands what you do 
>>> and that those who don't are dumb, Vitamin.  *I* don't understand 
>>> why trying to install DirectX under Wine is a bad idea (not that 
>>> I've ever wanted to do so) and, with an IQ of 148, I can hardly be 
>>> accused of being dumb.  Thank you.
>>> David Shaw
>> With such a high IQ you sure should know how to use google.
> I do - and I do.  However, my point was that not everyone is at your 
> level of knowledge of Wine - as, indeed, you are not at my level of 
> knowledge in some field or other (not knowing your background, I 
> cannot say what that field may be, but I can guarantee that there is 
> one) - and simply to accuse people of being dumb because of that is 
> somewhat offensive.  Should you ever need my help in that field - or 
> anyone else's help in a field in which their knowledge and experience 
> is superior to yours - would you be happy with my calling you dumb 
> simply because you come to me for assistance and education rather than 
> going to Google?  I suspect you would not tolerate that kind of 
> treatment from me and I would therefore ask that you not expect us to 
> tolerate it from you.  Thank you.
Well said.  And David, I have a higher IQ than you and sometimes I find 
Google a little less than helpful.  That being said, I have had to deal 
with 'stupid' users and actually had a weekly posting in one of the 
mailing lists that I moderated as to why certain things should and 
should not be done.  This was in addition to the FAQ that spelled it why 
in extremely painful detail.

As to the person known as vitamin, there is a phrase, make a program 
idiot-proof and along comes a better idiot.  Directing people to FAQs, 
Google, etc. is wonderful, but it tends to piss off users when you could 
have easily slipped them a canned message with the answer and saved them 
and you a great deal of time.  Try it, you may actually like it.

James McKenzie
Former moderator of too many lists to name here.

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