[Wine] Cad/Cam Package problem

FrankN wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 28 06:06:58 CDT 2008

Hi All,
I have just moved over to PCLINUXOS2007 from Windows XP and have found it to be a great Distro.
The only software I'm keeping Windows XP for is a high end Cad/Cam Package called AlphacamV2004 from Licom Systems which I use for work and home.
I've installed Alphacam with Wine version 0.9.58 and the Advanced Lathe module seems to work fine with no bugs so far, the Advanced Mill 3axis and 5 axis modules work ok but with Quick Shading and Advanced Shading of 3D models the active drawing screen goes blank but is restored when I go back to Wire Mesh surfaces,
also when I select a tool from the tool select pop up screen to do a tool path the programs shut down with no error messages.

Hoping someone might have an idea what is causing the shutdown of the program and no shading/rendering of the solid model.

There are a lot of Alphacam specific dll's in the AlphaV5 directory with only 2 identical with the dll's in Wine\System32 MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL. Have put them both as native but with no success.

System is an...
Intel D875PBZ M/B, Intel P4 875 Prescott CPU,
2Gig Ram, ATI Radeon 9600SE Graphics Card.
400Gig WD SATA HD.
PCLINUXOS2007, Wine 0.9.58

I'm fairly new to Linux and still trying to get my head around it but find it much better than MS Windows.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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