[Wine] Re: More than 50% performance decrease.

zeph7r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 30 17:56:35 CDT 2008

Cheers. To my experience, I would say I am 80% sure it's because you're intel graphics chipset. I have a X3100 (with a GMA965 chipset) and my experience is that much of the 3d opengl functions are still not implemented in mesa and for those who are, most still lack optimization routines. This doesn't mean intel's open source support is jerky (in fact it's perhaps the best in the graphics segment), but this family of chipsets (the GMA9xx) is rather recent, and only recently intel has managed to organize and release the proper documentation as to envolve the community and themselves in producing an proper open-source driver. So if you find this to be your main source of issues, I would recomend a little waiting :)

PS: in windows the drivers have a more wider support but have seen great increases in compatibility with some games (i.e. more 3d fuctions supported) only recently too (mainly since august 2007), and there are also some games which are still unable to run.

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