[Wine] How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

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On Thursday July 31 2008, qwertymn wrote to wine-users at winehq.org:

 qw> As i said, i don't now really anything about capi, but it looks
 qw> to me like wine's capixxxx.dll is pretty much outdated, and the
 qw> bug you see after you worked around the "libcapi2.0 is not
 qw> installed" is probably yet another wine-bug.

That's also a possibility.

 qw> If you ever feel like it and have spare time you could file a bug
 qw> in wine's bugzilla for this app. However, as isdn-stuff is  not
 qw> really used that much (anymore) by applications, i guess fixing
 qw> the bugs in wine's capixxxx.dll won't get high prioritty from the
 qw> wine developers.

As you say, ISDN is a bit outdated. And the chance that somebody
needs to run that debugging tool under Wine is very small. I don't
think I'll bother to file a bug. That probably also means they'll
come back to me with more questions and requests to do tests. I
can find better uses of my time :)

 qw> For now i guess you have to stick to your windows live cd, good
 qw> luck anyway!

Well, my nerves are still a bit upset because I actually used
Windows :) But the live CD served its purpose, so I'll keep
it for a while.
As I only in staled Wine to be able to run this program, I'll
uninstall it now. Ans also unsubscribe from this list.
Thanks to all who helped me think about this problem. Even
though it produces no real solution.



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