[Wine] Re: Screen Resolution issues

anyone wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 28 07:30:08 CDT 2008

Yeah, I wondered how on Earth could the old build of 1.1.2 work, but not the one downloaded from git? Well, I decided to copy the old wine-1.1.2 directory to wine-1.1.2-rebuild and then run make clean and rebuild. 
Then I ran ./configure. I had always run it with && make depend && make, and so I had never had time to see what it said (or I just missed it), and thought that it must be okay because it continued to run make after it. 
Well, now I noticed I lacked lots of devel packages... That was because I had reinstalled my system after 1.1.2 because I had done stupid things while partitioning... the 1.1.2 build was from my old install (I have /home on a different partition, and it wasn't lost), which had had the proper devel packages.

Well, at least I learned to always check ./configure output. I almost filed a bug, but luckily I decided to ask here first. I now have a proper build of 1.1.3 that works great.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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