[Wine] Re: Automated backup of wine? Is it possible?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 1 15:58:49 CDT 2008

stimpak wrote:
> now firstly I need to ask if its possible to  compress ./wine/ and replace it after i've reinstalled wine in a new clean system?


stimpak wrote:
> is there anything that i need to pay special care of?

No if you use normal *NIX tools (tar, gzip, bzip, etc) that can archive / extract directories, files, symlinks.

The only thing you forgetting are desktop & menu links. You'll need ~/.config/menus and ~/.local dirs as well. The Wine relevant parts that is.

stimpak wrote:
> and secondly wouldnt be great if wine had a nice automated way of being compressed itself

No, there are already lots of tools for that. No need to invent another wheel.

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