[Wine] Re: Questions about BAT

GamezR2EZ wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 19 12:26:41 CDT 2008

Thanx jeffz, as it turns out i decided to rewrite the .bat in C++ and just make an exe that did the same thing, because wine can handle that with no problem at all, and im not quite sure why

i have a few ideas, but it works so no matter, they are small little bat files so ill just rewrite the rest of them as well in cpp, that way i wont have anymore issues

PS jeffz, the reason i hadnt implemented the FOR command like you wanted was becuase of the way my company finds files to convert, they use the search function in windows, and that box displays more than one files from that directory, originally my script looked something like this

If ~%1 == ~ GOTO end
For %A IN (%~d1%~p1*.wav) DO "C:\Lame_Encoder\lame.exe -b 320 -F -h %A "%~dA%~pA%~nA - 320.mp3""

but people ended up converting the same files over and over again, granted i could have put in safeties, like IF %A.mp3 exists THEN, but after weighing the factors, we ended up not, people sometimes just can't be taught some things

Thanx for everyones help!

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