[Wine] Generated graphics transpaencies & window creep

dbguy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 5 21:07:02 CST 2009

I have two small annoyances that have been present since wine 0.9x and into my current 1.1.34 install with the same application (Dezign for Databases). I have searched and tinkered but mostly just lived with them, but as a new member of the forum I'll press my luck...

1. From my application I can export diagrams as png, gif, jpg, etc. This works fine except that there are a few small indicators used in the diagrams which have transparent backgrounds but render as black backgrounds in the exported images. To avoid this I simply use optional text indicators instead. Suggestions?

2. My application has a main diagram graphic work area and a few dialog windows which can be scrolled if the content is larger than the window area. When I scroll one of these either with mouse wheel or scrollbar, they scroll correctly, but the whole application window also creeps left and up about one pixel per scroll increment. Whether I scroll up or down, the window in which the app is running creeps up and left. Until now I just periodically drag it back down when it happens. Ideas.

Thanks for all suggestions.[/img]

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