[Wine] Re: Arguments for Wine on windows/incremental adoption

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 11 18:20:56 CST 2009

Deweirdifier nlite uses windows own existing unattented install structs.    You can go threw MS tech sites and get instructions to do manually everything nlite does.  nlite is just a less painful way of doing what you can do already to ms windows.   Look for slipstreaming and unattendend install docs on technet from MS.    Yes ms approves of nlite kind of alterations to windows.

The simple point here why should wine bother keeping windows alive.

Custom linker is a complete different block of code to Wine.  SXS in windows could possible be used.

MS will not need to lawyer up.  Its just like people running pirated copies of windows.  All ms has to do is screw the update system up on you.  If you don't update you risk flaws. 

Basically unless you control the core of the OS you will always be at the mercy of someone else.

Idea of mixing in wine dlls to make life better can be baldy flawed.  Lets say wine dll depends on particular functions existing MS pushes out a update removing those functions but altering there dlls to use the new function.  Ie who controls the update system controls you.

Some people here complain about possible reactos legality problems.  Yes there are.  But the reactos path if it works you are in control.   Linux/BSD/Open Solaris paths you are also in control.   On top of windows path MS is in-control.   The other paths MS will have to use lawyers to cause problems.

People did the same thing with windows 98 as well Deweirdifier.  Sooner or latter you run out of updates to the core.

We don't support IE4Linux due to legal issues.   Depend on where you are to use IE4Linux is either illegal or you must copy of windows for the machine.  Note never can be used without owning a copy of windows for the machine in any country.  IE is not free its part of windows same with windows live and a lot of other parts.

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