[Wine] Arguments for Wine on windows/incremental adoption

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 12 22:46:42 CST 2009

oiaohm wrote:
> If you want a example of a program with sound and graphics basically saying screw distributions.   http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/
> There is more.  The idea that you have to build for distributions is mostly a myth if transporting dependencies is not a issue.
This is a very old project and is well known.  Games can be built to run
on just about anything.  However, can you find a commercial production
program that does the same?  (StarOffice is one that I know of, but it
requires specific code and builds for the various platforms it runs on.) 

Until something like this is available for the office environment, we
still NEED and REQUIRE Wine.  When that day arrives, many IT folks will

James McKenzie

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