[Wine] wine 1.0.1 --- Access from "Office XP" and DirectX 9, how?

rekuli wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Dec 22 21:33:52 CST 2009

greetings to all && a few (silly) questions.  I hope you can help me out there.  I am using Wine 1.0.1 on debian lenny (5.0.3), and it works quite well (better than Cedega, actually, at least on my system), but not in fine details --- please see below.  I have installed every package (concerning wine) that I could find on the official DVDs, but some things do not work.

1. I need to install Office XP's Access, since I administer/maintain a DB for some commercial partners.  And I do not wish to install a Windows "operating system" just for this single case.  How do I get Access XP to work in Wine?  whenever I try to install it, Office Setup complains about an "unknown architecture".  What do I need to change in the config files?

2. When I try to install DirectX 9.xc, nothing is done.  When I set the DirectX registry entry of wine to something below 9.404, something is done, but important components are not installed.  How do I get the whole "genuine" DX9 installed?  Only manually via unshield/cabextract and the "libraries" tab of Wine?

3. I use Wine for gaming, esp. older games, like System Shock 2 or Project Eden.  Everything works as under "genuine" Windows, but no videos are shown.  Do I need an MPlayer version for that?  Where do I get it from, or is there a method of copying it from an existing w9x/winXP installation?

3b.  When I run Wine under GNOME or KDE, some w32 programs work fine.  When I run Wine under FVWM (my favourite) or something else, they don't run at all.  Why is that so? 

3c.  Many programs/games (ones that have the same requirements as installed-and-running-well ones) succeed in installing, but SIGSEGV when I'm trying to run them, regardless of the settings and OS versions I try in winecfg's "applications" and "Libraries" tabs.  I believe this is closely related with 3b, but worth an extra question nonetheless.  How do I get this fixed?

Please give me some hints about this --- thanks in advance.

Regards, ReKuli

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