[Wine] Changing the PATH from the command line

Raymond Lillard rlillard at sonic.net
Wed Jul 1 19:50:20 CDT 2009

Paul Romanyszyn wrote:
> Raymond Lillard wrote:
>> I am not very experienced with the MSDOS command line
>> and even less so with wine.
>> I am working on a realtime embedded C project and must,
>> for the time being, use DOS command line tools.  Since
>> my work environment for decades has been Unix and Unix-like,
>> I am trying to get the tool set to run under Wine on Hardy.
>> I have solved several problems, but now I need to reset
>> the path.  I have a .bat file which should do this and
>> I have tried typing
>>     path=;
>> directly into an instance of a wine command interpreter
>> with no result.
>> I have looked at the FAQ and googled a good bit.  I found
>> a document where someone said I can't do this and must
>> change the PATH in the through the registry.  That reference
>> was several years old so I'm hoping it was either wrong
>> or out of date.
>> I can't believe the command line has been so lobotomized !!
>> Ray
> You can use wine cmd to get to a c:> or z:> depending on what directory.
> wineconsole is also an option. At that point you and run your
> c:\autoexec.bat and set the environment. But for Dos based not needing
> window can be run on dosbox or dosemu or some others. If you need
> protected mode or the above don't work with your tool set use one of the
> virtual machines and install msdos or freedos. I have been using Qemu
> for a while but many other are around. Search your distributions package
> manager for them.
> Paul R.

Thanks to the both of you who responded.

It seems the cause of my problem was not using the set keyword
in front of the path= command.

I'm surprised that this is different that a nearby WinXP-Pro
machine on the other side of the lab that I have been using
to do sime testing with.

Wine requires "set", XP does not.



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