[Wine] Which native dlls (that CAN be overridden) can have anything to do with DirectSound?

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 07:35:59 CDT 2009

Hello again.

Today I have the following problem:

I'm running old racing game: Rally Championship 2000 (finally can run this
game with acceptable speeds – on my Core2Duo). The game works pretty well –
however there are some weird sound problems (pretty similar to the problems
that occurred when I tried running this game on Windows XP), sometimes sound
become garbled – some sounds can be heard others not, then usually after the
end of the racetrack sounds from the track can be heard in the menu (instead
of normal menu sounds). This is really hard to describe. Anyway, this game
doesn't work to pretty with any Windows version with NT kernel (tried Win
2000,XP and even Vista – there are always problems related to sound,control
and stability), under Win9x however it works great (I have Windows98 on my
older machine – no problems there). With wine... well aside from poor
performance (on older CPUs that should run this thing without problems), and
sound issues – works great.

So... I was wondering – which native dlls (from Windows9x I think) that CAN
be overridden can have ANYTHING to do with sound? For now I tried ole32.dll
from dcom98 (I installed dcom98 actually) but I don't know if this have
anything to do with sound...

Please advice.

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