[Wine] Centos 5.3 x86_64 for wine

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 09:12:13 CDT 2009

2009/7/26 huyangyang <wineforum-user at winehq.org>:

> my notepad is lenovo E41G.and setup Centos 5.3 x86_64 OS
> Configuration the following error when wine
> checking for pthread_create in -lpthread... yes
> checking for X... no
> configure: error: X 32-bit development files not found. Wine will be built
> without X support, which probably isn't what you want. You will need to install
> 32-bit development packages of Xlib/Xfree86 at the very least.
> Use the --without-x option if you really want this.

On CentOS 4 64-bit, I've had problems installing 32-bit X libs. I'd
have hoped CentOS 5 would have been better ...

(Specifically, 4.4 wouldn't install the 32-bit libs from yum; 4.7 was fine.)

Does anyone know the magic to enable full 32-bit support on 64-bit
RHEL4/5-descended OSes?

- d.

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