[Wine] Re: Help! How to mix win32 and native os calls in code?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 26 12:17:11 CDT 2009

droidvideo wrote:
> a) How do I find in code if I am running under regular win32 or wine? 
> If wine, how do I find host OS (i.e Is it Linux or OS X?)

Simple answer - DO NOT DO IT.

droidvideo wrote:
> b) Lets say I know some how what OS the exe is running. I want to call  say LeopardCaptureScreen() on Mac.

Then why don't you create a native Mac application that does just that? You can do this _only_ in winelib application (line Wine's winecfg). It will _not_ work on Windows.

Also when you doing any native calls, you have to take care of proper synchronization, or you'll end-up crashing, locking up your program.

droidvideo wrote:
> c) Any pointers on how to capture current screen on Mac OS X?

Wrong forum, people here know mostly *NIS & win32 api. Not Mac.

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