[Wine] How can I detect WINE from my program?

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Wed Jun 3 11:36:54 CDT 2009

andreaplanet wrote:
> And I understand the viewpoint that Wine 
> - want to make applications looks like Windows

I didn't literally mean "make applications look like Windows", I meant,
from a program's point of view, make the Wine API and functions work
exactly the same as they do in Windows, i.e. make the Wine layer totally

> - doesn't want to use hacks to make more Windows programs run (better)

Right. :)

The point of detecting Wine to make an application more user-friendly is
moot, in my opinion. It sounds good, but without detecting Wine an
application can be just as user-friendly as it is on Windows, and I
think it will be unmanageable to integrate a Windows application with,
for example, Gnome or KDE specifics, only for when it's running on Wine.
What Austin just said makes a lot of sense:

> I think what you'd like to do is have your windows program, but bundle
> it with some 'native' programs, and selectively call it based on which
> OS it is on? If so, distribute a version for each OS you want, have it
> run as a native program, and have the windows binary bundled as a
> dependency. No need to detect anything from wine.

That makes for a little bit of "detecting wine". Though of course, this
leaves the option of workarounding Wine bugs wide open, with all its
...Or, of course, port the application to native Unix/POSIX (with Gtk or
KDE, for example) all the way. ;-)


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