[Wine] Re: Problem with EVE-Online

denali wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 14 17:05:39 CDT 2009

austin987 wrote:
> You've got wine in both $HOME/wine and /usr/local/...which binary are
> you running?
> If you're running /usr/local, then yeah, you did it right. I wasn't
> sure if it would work, but it was worth a try :-). It probably needs
> unimplemented stuff in dnsapi.
> -- 
> -Austin

The one in $HOME is my git repository and is only used for configure/compiling the biweekly release.  "Which" says I'm using /usr/local/bin/wine for execution.

I'm not a programmer, but I can pressure test stuff and file detailed reports.  How would I be able to ascertain what is missing?

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