[Wine] Re: How to make joystick completely worked

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 16 08:30:33 CDT 2009

uranus0206 wrote:
> well, i have do some test.
> i use joystick test software like xpadder, and i got the right analog stick info
> thus i changed the axismapping value to "X,Y,Z,Rz,POV1"
> and then i use joytester, another windows software, then the result worked!!!
> but i still can't play game with my right analog stick......is the problem of the 
> FIFA game?

Probably it is in the way it expect things to be. I used to have the exact same problem with FIFA08. And in FIFA09 the joystick was blown, so I use the mouse.

But you said that you got it to detect the axis in a windows app via wine? And did it detect the exact same axis as if it was being run on windows?


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