[Wine] Requesting unban from irc channel

Ben Klein shacklein at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 07:05:59 CDT 2009

-- Sun Mar 22 00:38:45 CDT 2009, tsukasa1105 said:
> man_in_shack banned me during a casual conversation where i
> was explaining my dual x server wine setup, saying I was
> contradicting myself. I obviously wasn't trying to contradict myself,
>if I did, and I don't see how this is ban-worthy under any circumstance.

man_in_shack here.

You were *quietted* (a +q or % ban) because you appeared to be
contradicting yourself. While I was going over what you said and
trying to work out the best way to respond, you parted and rejoined
with a nick that was not covered by the % ban. This is ban evasion,
and this is the reason why you were banned. I have a zero-tolerance
policy for any ban evader.

Also note, there is no such thing as a "casual conversation" in
#winehq (or if there is, it should be moved to #winehq-social).
#winehq is a support channel.

The ban is lifted, and I apologise for the length of time it took. I
had an event to attend and removed the ban as soon as I got back home.

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