[Wine] Requesting unban from irc channel

Ben Klein shacklein at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 19:51:18 CDT 2009

2009/3/23 Andrew Fenn <andrewfenn at gmail.com>:
>>> And before you argue that evading a +q does not warrant a ban, let me rebut: YES IT DOES.
> Forgive me for not knowing the specifics of IRC or what you did in the
> first place but here is what I saw before you banned him for "ban
> evasion"
>>> man_in_shack sets ban on %tsukasa!*@*
> tsukasa_ then dropped out the channel then joined back and says
>>> <tsukasa_> real mature

The % ban prevents the user from talking but does not prevent them
from reading what other people say or joining the channel. By changing
nicks, he was evading the % ban.

> tsukasa_ may have broken the channel rules but only after you reacted
> in an inappropriate manner. If you had asked him to wait then he would
> not have been banned and you or someone else in the channel would have
> eventually answered his question.

I don't believe my actions were inappropriate. This sort of thing has
happened before and there have been no complaints from the users
involved or any of the other channel ops.

> Banning is not the standard way of making someone wait while you try
> and understand their question to help them.

A % ban on Freenode is a standard way to prevent a user from talking,
in this case to prevent greater confusion on the part of people trying
to help him (i.e. me) so that they could review the situation in
complete detail. He did not give me this chance.

> I'm happy you were able to resolve this however if his question was
> answered rather then being banned for a situation you created,

Question could not be answered due to self-contradiction.

> the user would have left happy and satisfied rather then having to come
> to the mailing list to get unbanned so he could try and get his question
> answered a second time around.

"I WAZ BANNED UNFAIRLY PLZ LIFT IT". Don't take his word for it
without reviewing the full facts on both sides.

> May I suggest in the future that if you want someone wait while you
> figure out what they're doing you ask them to wait instead of
> forcefully removing them from the channel.

How many times do I have to say this? I did not NOT remove him from
the channel; he left and rejoined, and was consequentially banned for
evading the % ban. This was perfectly justified, regardless of whether
the original % ban was justified or not. Ban evasion is *always* a
bannable offence.

If the user had a little thing called "patience", which I might add I
have though you are stretching it, we wouldn't be having this
conversation. In fact, we shouldn't be having this conversation
anyway. I was the one who banned him, so he should have addressed his
problem with me. Instead, he went straight to the mailing list. If he
has no patience with me, why should I have patience with him?

> Doing such a thing means others can not help you to answer the
> questions and also kills a user's good mood. People can sometimes
> be difficult in describing their problems however you must remember
> to try and stay positive and work with them.

It's *very* difficult to help people who (at least appear to)
completely contradict themselves. Twinview and separate X screens are
normally mutually exclusive.

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