[Wine] Running games from the ISO

Spudley wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 25 07:20:37 CDT 2009


I've downloaded the original Red Alert Command & Conquer from the company's website -- they're being very generous and giving the old game away for free, presumably to try to drum up sales for the new RA game (which does look very good).

The download consists of two ISOs; one for the Allied missions and one for the Soviets, which I've burnt to disc, and the game plays beautifully under Wine. But it does insist on the CD being in the drive.

What I'd really like to do is play the game on the train using my netbook, but it doesn't have a CD drive so I obviously can't insert the CD when the game asks for it.

I have managed to mount the ISO as a filesystem, and then add that as a drive letter in Wine, but the game still asks for the CD to be inserted, so it doesn't seem to recognising it the way I've done it. I assume it's seeing it, but realising it's not a real CD.

Is what I'm trying to do possible? Can I mount an ISO in a way that will fool Wine (and the game) into thinking it's a real CD? Will I be able to play the game without a CD drive? Can anyone give me any pointers?

Thank you!

(ps - I'll say again that this game is a legitimate download from the official site; I am *not* trying to run anything pirated or cracked. And please don't suggest getting a cracked version as a solution!)

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