[Wine] Re: L4D crashes reaching in-game, d3d_shader bug maybe?

myromance123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 25 07:49:10 CDT 2009

Thank you once again Daemon, you must be a specialist  :)

Just to check, I read it through (that comment) and it "seems" as though he said that different problems occur with different drivers, so it most likely means the driver I have is the problemed one, Although I'm pretty sure there's a solution to the compiler error there, I fail to understand what they are talking about when he gets deeply technical so I can't seem to understand/comprehend the solution to the compiler error I'm experiencing, because comment #48 from Tobias Jakobi near its end says that he indeed solves the compiler error but nonetheless with flickering in certain parts still apparent.

I do not know how to solve it, who/where should I ask for help regarding this (its not in these forums right?)?
Or could it be they are the ones fixing the issue?

Also, with regards to what vitamin said, in that comment it does not say/indicate anywhere that the driver is lying/falsely indicating about supporting GL_ARB_draw_buffers. Could vitamin be wrong?
Or is the comment meaning that, and I just dont get it?

I'm pretty sure its the first, but I ask for reassurance. I do not mean to be rude, I want to understand the problem better and I'm sorry if I'm mistaken.

Thanks for all the speedy replies so far.

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