[Wine] Re: Wineasio in Mono = No Stereo

amadeus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 31 19:45:18 CDT 2009

Hello Peter, and thanks for your help with this, that tutorial is excellent, I do have stereo with Jack and wineasio, but my DSP in Jack goes way way up, with Buzzmachines, And I have tried Reaper for a lark, I like it, but like I said my computer really gets hot, P4 3ghz with 1.25 GB Ram, I would like to get better Latency with Jack, btw are you the author of wineasio? 

For years I have been using windows for my recording needs, yet now that Im turned on to using Jack, this program is amazing, the only problem I have with Jack is when it crashes after working so well (have to stop it to change settings) it crashes when I try to restart it, bummer. So I have to reboot everytime it crashes, it does this in XP too though it works much much better in Linux, so it must be my Audigy SE card. 

Do you or anyone know how to shutdown alsa, Jack server so I won't have reboot just to get Jack to work again. Thanks again :)

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