[Wine] Re: New wine(wine-1.1.34) late again?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 28 17:58:28 CST 2009

2 to 3 week cycle for development branch has done wine well.  2 weeks when aj in in office for the 2 weeks.   3 weeks when he had a holiday.

A long time ago it was longer Jim Hall.   Everyone sees the regression rate if wine its not that nice at times.   When it was long it was more regressions at once.  Kinda fixed time frame is to keep regressions under control.

Yes on average 3 week releases are slightly worse for regressions due to more patches stacking up.   I have done support around wine for a long time.   I would really hate to see 3 month+ releases again on the development branch they were painful. 

Stable release wine don't have many of are very much audited and a slow long and time taking project

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