[Wine] Total War (Rome and Medieval demo's) - crash on my setup

pickles95 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 26 12:45:39 CDT 2009

I'm newish to Linux and new to WINE.

I've downloaded the Rome-Total War demo, and the Medieval-Total War demo (the first one, not Med-II).

They both appear to have installed OK, but both crash with an error message if I attempt to start them.

Other applications I've tried (Paint Shop Pro 4.12, Microsoft powerpoint viewer 2003, for examples) seem to work OK.

Total War error basically says:
Program Error
The program <rome.exe> has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It then goes on to say this may be caused by the program or a deficiency in Wine and gives the database site and the bugs list URLs.

The above appears before anything appears to have really started up, i.e. no splash screens or menus appear. Similar fault for Medieval but the file is <Medieval_TD.exe>.

The AppDB seems to imply the demo for Rome should be OK, but that Med may not be.

Question: Can anyone tell me if either of these demo's does or should run on WINE? Or is there a particular file/folder/option I need to create or alter in order to get them running?

Kernel -
Wine - wine-1.1.28
Running KDE 4.3.2

CPU - 800 Ath
Ram 768M
GPU - GF2/64M

I realize the H/W specs maybe a little near the lower end, but I think they meet the min requirements (Ram/GPU) and maybe just under for CPU - would this stop it running?


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