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Le 10/12/2010 16:51, James Mckenzie a écrit :
> mulx <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> PlayOnLinux-wine-1.3.1-ubi-drm.pol => patched. Based on release 1.3.1 of WineHQ and patched with a patch for avoid "ubi-
>> drm". Patchs applied are included into the .pol.
> A question we all may have is where do the patches come from?  Are they 'suggestions' in the Wine Applictions Database, are they 'hacks' in Bugzilla or are they pending patches submitted to and pending acceptance in the Wine Patches area?
> Also, if one of the patched .pol files 'breaks' would POL be willing to be the interpeter as to whether this is a Wine bug or a POL induced problem?  Would the same apply for POM?
The patchs come normally from the WineHQ Website, but I can't certify
about that because this is done totally automatically. When a user of
POL want a patched version he should provide a .zip with all patchs
needed, on which official Wine release patch will be applied and finally
the name. That's all.

I know that the POL-Wine-1.2.1-ddraw include a patch found on the Worms
World Party page from WineHQ AppDB

Currently there this tools is used only by the team so it can be
possible to ask your team where they found patches, if they remember.

When the end-user install a patched Wine he must accept that this
release of Wine contain some changes from the original version, and that
neither WineHQ nor POL can help if problems any occurs. It should work
better than without and thats why we applied this patch, but there is no
warranty, Bugs can't be reported on WineHQ as this is not an official
build and nobody on the PlayOnLinux team have enough level to find the
origin of the problems.
If Wine made a new release of Wine that made the patched version
unnecessary we switch to this release.

About POM this is the same, except that this is qparis (Tinou) that
manage this, no Mac in my hand.


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