[Wine] Re: Wine 3D performance - where does the bottleneck lies and how

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 7 06:23:24 CST 2010

James Huk you will also notice at times  Cedega  is fast than wine on some games but other games using the same functions don't work at all under Cedega but run perfectly under wine.

Ie poorer implementation with less checks for features runs faster.  Sorry but that is the way it is at times.   Its very hard to compare two different implementations complete to different levels and forecast anything.

There are lot of different things that still can be done.   James Huk so there is hope.

Wine does not doing application specific optimizations in the code base any more(over 8 years go that was no more).  It makes maintenance of code insanely hard.   Either implement right or not at all.

They may be some place for run game profiling wine then rebuilt wine with code in different function layout by compiler to suit game.  So leaving the wine source base alone.  These kind of experiments have not been tried with wine as far as I know.  Of course that is only going to have advantages on a application by application base.  Maybe some functions have order of check for operations wrong.

Basically without collected data changing the perminte order of checks in the main wine source code would be reckless.

Thunderbird question do we need something like milepost for opengl/direct x that can rebuild code different ways depending on how smart or how dumb the video card is?

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