[Wine] Re: Running wine via php

asmith wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 8 15:45:56 CST 2010

Actually I have done that.

I have setup xvfb and I've run 'Xvfb :1 &'
and I run the command I need with:

DISPLAY=:1 wine program.exe

All works perfectly fine directly in shell. I have no idea why in php NOTHING happens. I get a blank screen. no output. no error.

I tested with another exe file,  which I created using C++ in windows. the program only print out a test line like 'hello!', when running. 

I ran that program in shell: wine program2.exe, and I received the text. Again I tested the same line in php, a blank screen. no output, no error.

in mean time I DO get output for:   'wine --version', or 'ls -al'

been looking for this my whole day. :(

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