[Wine] Screen goes white while playing WonderKing

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Mon Feb 22 22:19:30 CST 2010

>> I'd recommend sticking with the latest 2.3 release for Leopard:
> Why?  2.4 was released for Leopard a long time ago and is what I'm using
> here.  It has OpenGL 1.3 support which is what the advanced features of
> Wine's D3D engine require for better 3D game play.

10.6/Snow Leopard uses 2.3.4.  Xquartz 2.4.0 ships with some newer X libs that aren't compatible with the older libs, which means if you upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6, you have to recompile against anything linking to them.  X11.app on 10.6 uses X.org server 1.4 as well, like the Xquartz 2.3.x releases on 10.5; Xquartz 2.4.x use X server version 1.5+.

Jeremy brought this up on the Xquartz user mailing list around the release of 10.6:


It bit a lot of MacPorts/Fink users who had to recompile everything using X headers/libs.  I figured it was coming, and don't mind recompiling my custom-built stuff or any of the (few) ports I use.

So on Mac OS X 10.5 your options are:

 - use the system X11.app, which has next to no OpenGL ability
 - use an Xquartz 2.3 release and have Snow Leopard upgrade compatibility
 - use an Xquartz 2.4 release and have to recompile everything if you do upgrade to 10.6
 - just use MacPorts for everything

Xquartz 2.3 on 10.5 and the Apple-provided system X11.app on 10.6 are the safest options which also have decent OpenGL/3D ability, which is why I generally recommend them. -r

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