[Wine] Re: Mirrors Edge Mac 10.6.2 White Screen

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 19 14:46:13 CST 2010

tcrown wrote:
> using wineskin wrapper
> http://forum.portingteam.com/viewforum.php?f=108

Most people here will automatically dismiss you since its Wineskin, but it is a stock 1.1.36 install, running in a session with an altered path... but the interface to using it is a bit different, and you can't easily do all the command line things... though its possible, you just have to set all the paths and start the x server and everything manually... easy for me, but hard for others since i never documented it and you'd have to dig through the code to figure it out.

If it works in normal Wine, per the appdb, the same steps should be able to get it to work with Wineskin, although sometimes there is X11 issues on OSX that doesn't affect Linux.  running Rootless in a virtual desktop is usually the safest bet.... you can play with the direct3d settings in the registry as well... maybe try a few different Wine versions, since even back in 1.1.26 it was said to work on the appdb.... I don't have the game to test with, and the appdb entries are light on details like many are...

still best to discuss it over at porting team forums though...

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