[Wine] Conflict with Ctrl key in MacOS?

claesg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 15 06:35:44 CDT 2010

After a switch from Windows to Macintosh (running Mac OSX 10.6), I wanted to be able to run a dear old text editor, NoteTab Pro, which is only available in a Windows version.

I did an installation using Wine, and after some initial issues in finding the supporting files to the editor (the path to them turned out to have 14(!) levels), everything was running smoothly. 

But pretty soon the MacBook started to show an irritating habit of making every mouseclick a right-button click, regardless of which button was pressed. The behaviour was somehow connected to the Ctrl-key. Pressing that key would momentarily solve the problem. 

After re-installing the system umpteen times, and systematically excluding applications, I have now a growing suspicion that it is my Wine-based NoteTab at the bottom of it. Mac computers have for historic reasons (i.e one button mouses) used Ctrl as a a switch between left- and right-click. At the same time, my Windows application internally still uses Ctrl as modifier for frequent key-initiated commands, as opposed to the Mac's Cmd-key.

So, my question is if anybody can confirm my suspicion that there may be a conflict concerning the Ctrl-key when installing Windows applications in a Mac OSX environment?

TIA  //Claes

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