[Wine] Conflict with Ctrl key in MacOS?

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>Subject: [Wine]  Conflict with Ctrl key in MacOS?
>After a switch from Windows to Macintosh (running Mac OSX 10.6), I wanted to be able to run a dear old text editor, NoteTab Pro, which is only available in a Windows version.
>After re-installing the system umpteen times, and systematically excluding
> applications, I have now a growing suspicion that it is my Wine-based NoteTab at the 
>bottom of it. Mac computers have for historic reasons (i.e one button mouses) used Ctrl 
>as a a switch between left- and right-click. At the same time, my Windows application 
>internally still uses Ctrl as modifier for frequent key-initiated commands, as opposed 
>to the Mac's Cmd-key.
The problem here is that the Cntrl key is mapped through the Mac keyboard driver to be a right-click if you use anything other than a Super Mouse (it has several buttons on it and when installed provides right-click functionality.)  Thus, using the Cntrl key ANYWHERE you use the mouse will become a right click.  Now, here comes the fun part, you MIGHT be able to use the CMD key as the CNTRL key.  Try it.  Apple's X11 maps it that way (sometimes.)

>So, my question is if anybody can confirm my suspicion that there may be a conflict
>concerning the Ctrl-key when installing Windows applications in a Mac OSX environment?

I have not run into this with Cntrl based accellerators, such as cntrl+c, cntrl+v and even cntrl+F1.   However, if you are trying to use the mouse and then cntrl+<anything> you will run into this behavior.

This is NOT a Wine problem but the manner in which the mouse is deployed on a Mac.

James McKenzie

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