[Wine] Antivirus for Mac Wine?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 27 23:09:10 CDT 2010

LambdaEnt wrote:
> That's what I get for doing this stuff at 3 AM!
> Virus on a Mac? (never mind, that's another topic)
YOUBETCHA.  They do exist.  Any Intel based harddrive virus may activate 
on MacOSX (there is supposed to be some Windows like code in Boot Camp 
and that is all it takes.)  So, I would be seriously worried about 
viruses and worms.
> ClamWin does function, and I got it running.
Good.  I've got to try that here and on my newly minted Linux Thinkpad....
> Is there a concern for Unix/Linux viruses? If so, would ClamWin be sufficient?
Since you are running a version of Windows that is very capable of 
running viruses, I would really be worried about them first.  Yes, worms 
do exist for UNIX/Linux but their occurrence is rare but they do tend to 
be nasty.  The Lion worm was one of these that started out as a joke and 
almost ended up bringing down the present Internet.

> Overall, what are the real requirements for AntiVirus/AntiSpyware when running WINE on a Mac? I assume there is a need if I am accessing the internet with Windows programs. Under an emulator (VMWare, etc.), I run them without question.
This is very true because you really are running Windows not just the 
API/ABI.  Most virus scanning software looks for a valid Windows 
installation before installing.  AVAST does this as well as AVG.  They 
will NOT install/run on Wine due to this.
I have not worked with anti-spyware on Wine but some folks may want to 
share their experiences or you can visit the Applications Database.

James McKenzie


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