[Wine] Re: Direction that wine is going

kanaida wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 9 22:29:42 CST 2011

Hey guys thanks for your answers, I was expecting people to fight a little bit more, but it's a nice surprise that this is not the case. I've got a better sense now that i've seen some of the other pages.

As for being a programmer, yes I am. However I started with .net... VB.net, not even C# (although translating it isn't that hard *most* of the time). I wish I could help with the project, but I feel learning assembly would be easier than the myraid of unmanaged languages available in between.

I am however pretty involved with windows subsystems, and I know just using directx is a real pain, let alone reverse engineering it!

As for windows being an always changing beast with updates, I figured they were either just fixing bugs, or extending windows with new API's to play with.

Also thanks for the clarification on office, I didn't realize that it uses directx. I did know that it must be incredibly complex just in order to support VBA inside itself and be so automateable.

In your video problem, I never really noticed this. I guess i'll have to try to run some benchmark and information apps within wine to see if it's doing the same to me, and if I can get any ideas. I've only played red alert 3 wich mostly works minus high shader settings, and tomb raider (the mouse clicking one) and that seemed to look okay then go black. If I had to guess though, I'd just attach a debugger and set breakpoints all over the place where anything related to memory information functions are called and see where in the stack something is changing the value or detecting it incorrectly. In Visual Studio I'd just find a simple program that shows the memory installed and trace it backwards up the stack.

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