[Wine] OpenGL issues on OSX (wine 1.3.21)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 13:12:12 CDT 2011

On 6/7/11, asiga <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> Well, I've tried to diagnose the problem, but after some hours hunting, all
> I can say is that I've wine compiled with the X Composite extension, but it
> can't use it because it can't query the extension, so it uses GLXPixmaps.
> There're no OpenGL errors on glGetError(), nor in the Apple OpenGL Profiler
> (note: GLX errors aren't pushed into glGetError() but into the X protocol
> AFAIK, so the MakeCurrent error can't be seen from glGetError).
> I conclude there aren't any other users in the planet trying to run a
> windowed OpenGL application on Mac through wine, because otherwise they
> would hit this bug. I guess all Mac wine users run whole-window OpenGL apps
> (like games, for example).
I have no problems running programs that were specifically designed to
use OpenGL like dOOmII on my Mac.  However, I did replace the poorly
implemented X11 system provided by Apple with XQuartz's much better
implementation.  With the introduction of Lion this week, I expect to
see better X11 and hopefully some missing features added.

I don't remember if you were using XQuartz or not.  If you are not,
try to use it.  On Snow Leopard, it installs in addition to, not as a
replacement for, Apple's X11.

The same can be said for CrossOver Mac and doh123's WineSkin (they
both use customized X11 engines in place of Apple's X11 and do not
replace it.)

James McKenzie

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