[Wine] Re: Steam Ghost Window??

Bob Wya wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 12 12:09:50 CDT 2011



Remove your existing (default?) Wineprefix.

rm -Rf ~/.wine

(assuming you have nothing else installed in it - of course!)

Install corefonts in your Wineprefix (of choice):

winetricks corefonts

Download the Steam client straight from Valve.

Run it thusly:

wine msiexec -i ~/Downloads/Steaminstall.exe

You'll still need to disable the gameoverlayrenderer.dll library later (I think)... The client should run OK without that fix (it might crash some games when you try to launch them). I generally disable the Steam chat stuff (which would popup over a game - i.e. gameoverlayrenderer) in the settings menu.

Any joy doing it that way?


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