[Wine] winetricks digital signatures

nutznboltz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 21 09:24:07 CDT 2011

Since winetricks is a script with no maintainer-supplied digital signatures I thought it would be better than having nothing at all to have at least my perceived and purported digital signatures for it so I'm posting them here.

$ grep WINETRICKS_VERSION winetricks |head -1

4b2c72bd908a25efb8a74a370d72e79f  winetricks md5
49264e6cdf820f5b21839f2c43cf9e3c91cd2409  winetricks sha1
49a759794ad0d95d2e5470aa4c17ede5e0e1c3890305f6fabbe492d1e7be621a  winetricks sha256

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