[Wine] Re: Nexuiz (2012) audio trouble: loud crackling noises

NothingMuchHereToSay wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 17 12:18:41 CDT 2012

lahmbi5678 wrote:
> Hi,
> upgrade to latest wine, if you haven't already.
> Your NVIDIA driver probably isn't installed properly, if you are on 64bit system, you may need some 32bit libgl stuff. I don't know about the game, maybe you'd need to set some Directx Version to DX9.0 or set graphical options to minimum.
> There are a few other issues in your log, but you should first fix your drivers and post log again. There shouldn't be any messages about OpenGL setup being not correct.

I just reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, and still get the crackling noise. Not to mention the "Video card unsupported" error message.

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